Author Topic: Why Twitter Is Still Important For Your Business (Yes Twitter).  (Read 3310 times)


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Why Twitter Is Still Important For Your Business (Yes Twitter).

Push vs. Pull Marketing

Push Marketing — Walmart Price Promos

Push marketing = short-term & immediate customer action. There are specific types of events in which push marketing makes sense:

Black Friday like events
In-store promotions — sales prices
Many B2C products that solve a very specific painpoint
And many other scenarios
All of these things fall under “push marketing” as you need to educate the consumer on why they should buy — they are also typically time sensitive offerings so if you don’t tell the customer the sale is going on they won’t be enticed to buy. In these types of circumstances blasting out sales tweets are fine as long as your followers are interested in the deals you are talking about. As well, if there is a specific pain point you are fixing (that may have never been fixed before) you need to generate

Pull Marketing — Picking a Mercedes over a Honda

Think pull marketing = long-term & longer consumer decision-making process. For example, if you simply tweeted to someone saying, “hey you should buy our new Mercedes S-class because it is faster and more luxurious than your Honda Accord” it’s not going to work.

Pull marketing works best over the long-term and being patient with figuring out client information & then shaping that into your sales strategy. But let’s use an example to dive a bit deeper.


One day on Twitter I noticed that the company had recently been awarded recognition by an industry group — I knew this was the opportunity to re-engage.

However, instead of sending them a “tweet” I simply just referenced the tweet in the email (old-school right?) that I sent them. In the email I just put “congratulations on getting into X it’s nice to see the business is growing etc etc…” and then I concluded with, “it has been a year since we last spoke about group benefits, if this is a better time it would be great to re-open the conversation.”


Now people may say, “okay well that email was 2 months after you spoke, maybe they were going to email you anyways once it was a better time.” Yeah maybe, but probably not. More likely, they would have forgotten that I even existed and simply asked for a referral from another business or done a quick Google search instead.

However, by engaging with them — in a way that wasn’t pushing my services on them (just reminding them I existed) I showed them I cared about the business and kept them in the top of mind.

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