Author Topic: How Instagram Marketing Can Help Your Business Grow  (Read 3628 times)

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How Instagram Marketing Can Help Your Business Grow
« on: March 18, 2018, 08:36:36 PM »
Building your own business requires extensive planning. You need the right resources, the right business strategy, and effective marketing techniques. There are different ways to boost the popularity of your brand. You can try traditional ways such as sending out flyers or posting on bulletin boards. But these days most businesses use technology to display ads by posting on social media sites and sending out emails.

Social media sites in particular have become a popular platform when marketing your own business. One of the most used social media sites is Instagram. With its photo and video sharing features, you can easily entice customers with attractive posts. Here are several ways to effectively use Instagram as a marketing tool for your business’ growth:

Proper use of hashtag
Hashtags are powerful tools that you can use to gather an even greater pool of customers. Make sure to include a catchy hashtag on every post. Also, encourage customers to use the hashtag on their posts, so their followers will be aware of your brand as well.

Get linked to others
Instagram is a widely used marketing platform, but your branding efforts shouldn’t stop there. Connect your Instagram account to other social media accounts of your brand. This way, your posts from Instagram can be seen by users from other sites. You can also gather followers who are active on other social sites.

Use the right image
In Instagram, a good content description and a quality photo can get the attention of viewers. Thus, post the right image that can vividly reflect your brand and, at the same time, make viewers look twice and like your post.

Engage with followers
Posting photos and video on Instagram may not be enough. Start engaging with your customers and followers by leaving comments or a simple thank-you. It gives an impression that you care about your customers and this, in return, would create loyal customers.

Make use of marketing tools
There are advanced marketing tools offered by Instagram and other third party platforms. You can have your brand advertised on every user’s home page, or you can make use of tools provided by marketing websites such as Vibbi. This gives you a helping hand in getting sufficient likes and exposure.

Post promotions and trivia
Posting about freebies and discounts is an effective strategy to keep existing customers consistently tuned into your brand as well as to attract new followers. Aside from this, you can post interesting trivia and facts about your brand or any topic relating to it.

It is important to ensure the growth of your business. With growth, you can maximize revenue, boost product quality, and increase customer satisfaction. And for a business to grow, it needs the right exposure and a great number of loyal customers.This makes effective marketing an essential factor for a business’ growth. With the utilization of popular social media sites like Instagram, you are sure to reach out to different viewers around the globe and consistently increase your number of customers.