Author Topic: Learn to Scale Growth and Revenue With YouTube  (Read 1343 times)


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Learn to Scale Growth and Revenue With YouTube
« on: June 16, 2019, 02:23:40 PM »
Learn to Scale Growth and Revenue With YouTube

Building the foundation for your startup is hard enough, and getting your company’s name in front of your customers’ eyes is even harder. If you’re not getting the returns you want from social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, it might be because you’re missing out on a site that’s grown like a weed — YouTube.

YouTube pulls in 1.8 million users each month; it has even more users than Gmail.
ou’ve got to capitalize on its dynamic platform if you plan on reaching as many people as possible. The Complete YouTube Master Class covers everything you’ll need to earn YouTube success.

You can’t have a successful channel without the right equipment. This class starts off with camera, lighting and audio equipment recommendations. After you’ve created the perfect video to showcase your brand, you’ll learn how to upload it and pick the perfect title and tags.

YouTube analytics are the key to understanding how to reach your desired audience. You’ll learn how to read them and tweak your strategies to get the results you need. Raking in extra cash through monetization is the final step towards YouTube success.

The Complete YouTube Master Class costs $49, but you can benefit from YouTube’s popularity now for only $11 (77% off).