Author Topic: What does the Bangladeshi startup ecosystem look like?  (Read 1643 times)


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What does the Bangladeshi startup ecosystem look like?
« on: July 11, 2019, 10:36:27 AM »
What does the Bangladeshi startup ecosystem look like?

Techinasia estimates put the number of startups in Bangladesh at about 280, an overwhelming majority of which are Dhaka-based. There is a predominance of software development and ecommerce startups, the former reinforced by the popularity of engineering degrees in the country, and the drive towards ICT and greater digitization in the form of the highly publicized projects like Digital Bangladesh. Consumer base in the country comprises of a growing middle class and a demographic that prefers the convenience of online shopping, explaining the popularity of ecommerce startups.

Despite the glut of the above mentioned startups, there are also more innovative ones with interesting offerings. Examples include startups like Maya Apa, a service that aims to provide accessible healthcare information to women, and 10 Minute School, an online education platform that is providing free classes on subjects ranging from standard 1 to University to anyone with an internet connection.

The novelty of the idea of a startup community in Bangladesh means that the ecosystem has not yet developed into the more complex symbiotic inter-web that more evolved startup ecosystems have. There are, however, quite a few mentors and experts currently operating in the community. There is also a growing network of venture capitalist firms, and accelerator programs to support startups. The government has also launched initiatives like the Digital World in 2014, which aims to facilitate economic growth through technology, and the iDEA Project, that provides working space and other forms of assistance to selected startups.