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Water Purification or Water Safety
« on: November 29, 2020, 10:36:48 AM »
Water Purification or Water Safety

Bangladesh – one of the most densely populated countries of the world— has plentiful water sources, but these sources are being polluted continuously. Both surface water and groundwater sources are contaminated with different contaminants like toxic trace metals, coliforms as well as other organic and inorganic pollutants. As most of the population uses these water sources, especially groundwater sources which contain an elevated amount of arsenic throughout the country; health risk regarding consuming water is very high. Death due to water-borne diseases is widespread in Bangladesh, particularly among children.

According to world bank safety water report 2019: $100 million financing agreement with the World Bank to ensure improved water supply, sanitation, and drainage system in selected 30 municipalities, benefiting about 600,000 people. So, government and private both looks concern in water safety issues.

In these circumstances, many financial organization try to invest in water purification or water safety maintenance sector. Based on business in water safety, there are various business opportunity create such as Trading purifier product and sell, production purifier materials, Invent device for purification, Water cleaning and maintenance, Water refinery system setup etc.

According to investor's eye, there are few characteristics of the business are lucrative for the investor to invest in the business.

   The company must have experience and domain knowledge in water purification/safety segment.
   If anyone works with the product then proper knowledge to use and solution system.
   Working experience minimum 1 year and owned relevant product for work purpose.
   Serve the service minimum of 10 different clients.
   Maintain and preserve client and other working documents.
   If invent device then patent and sell at least 2-3 client for good client feedback.
   If need maintenance warranty issues for customer satisfaction.
   Complete setup for water purification or relevant task. There are not only need huge setup but also have setup at least doing the job.
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