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How to Find Your Perfect Business Idea in Just One Weekend
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How to Find Your Perfect Business Idea in Just
One Weekend[/color][/size][/b][/i][/u]

There are many small and big businesses that start based exclusively on whether they will bring in high profits. But should profits be the main reason for starting a business? I don’t think so. Building a successful and meaningful business should begin with finding the perfect idea–one that builds on all the things you enjoy doing while also allowing you to reach and even exceed your financial goals.

There are many people who think that finding a great business idea is a complicated task. In fact, it may even cause some people to reject their entrepreneurial dreams.

If coming up with the perfect business idea has you overwhelmed, or if you have a list of ideas and don’t know which one to focus on, I have developed a very efficient system that will get you to the implementation phase in just a few days. Now, go to a quiet room, grab a pen and some paper, and take a deep breath. I mean it . . . close your eyes and take that deep breath. . . don’t start until you do this. It will prepare your brain for this exercise.

Step #1: WHY do you want to start a business? (20 minutes)
Step #2: What are you good at? (up to 60 minutes)
Step #3: What kinds of business do you like? (up to 2 hours)
Step #4: What do you enjoy doing for fun? (1 hour)
Step #5: Business model? (40 minutes)
Step #6: Pare down your list. (1 hour)
Step #7: Prioritize. (10 minutes)
Step #8: Test your idea. (4 to 8 hours)

Ready, Set …
Wow, this was a long article, I know. But if you are still reading this, I congratulate you! You’ve taken one step more than many “wantrepreneurs” out there. And sometimes, one step more actually makes all the difference.