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                                       SALMAN F. RAHMAN

If one needs proof that some men are born for greatness, no clearer example exists than Salman F. Rahman. His father is Fazlur Rahman, formerly Pakistan’s Home Minister and Education Minister, and his brother is Sohel F. Rahman, who is co-proprietor of the Beximco Group.

Top 10 Business-man- In BD-Salman F. Rahman

Along with his brother, Salman F. Rahman has worked tirelessly for nearly half a century for the good of his company and for the good of Bangladesh. Under his leadership and vision, the Beximco Group has risen to the top of the corporate world. However, he is not satisfied to simply rest upon his accomplishments. He continues to explore and expand
into new endeavors within the group’s numerous industries which include pharmaceuticals, ceramics, textiles, media and property development.

Of course, success in business is only a single part of a successful life. Salman F. Rahman certainly recognizes this fact. That is why he has shown such enormous generosity in his efforts to fight poverty and to support human rights as well as other worthwhile causes.

Within the Beximco Group, Rahman in his incredibly broad vision has striven to establish a culture of Corporate Social Responsibility. With such a business philosophy, Salman F. Rahman has carried the Beximco Group far beyond its position as the largest private sector entity in Bangladesh. Through its involvement in matters of regional and national interest, the Beximco Group has been transformed from simply an amazingly successful corporation into a force for positive change.

For most men having a hugely prosperous corporation with all of the power, respect and admiration that accompanies such success would be enough to cause them to rest upon the glory of past accomplishments. However, Salman F. Rahman is no ordinary man. This review of his achievements and generosity can only lead to the conclusion that Salman F. Rahman was truly born for greatness