Author Topic: 10 Difference and Similarity between Innovation and Creativity  (Read 1734 times)


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10 Difference and Similarity between Innovation and Creativity

Difference and Similarity between Innovation and Creativity

In this regard management experts and authors have two opinions:

According to the first opinion, Innovation and creativity are used in similar forms, because they have no difference.
Similarities between Innovation and Creativity

Following are the similarities between innovation and creativity:

1. Related

Both are related to developing new knowledge, facts, and objects and making use thereof.

2. Main Elements

Both are the main elements of entrepreneurship because the pace of development of the country depends upon them.

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3. Universal

Innovations and creativity are universal, because every person or organization have the desire for Innovations and creativity, of course in varying degrees.

4. Inclusion

Only creativity cannot contribute towards organization effectively, till the creative ideas are not used in any form or are not implemented.

Thus, both creativity and innovations are included in the creative process.

Difference between Innovation and Creativity

According to the second opinion, some thinkers differentiate between Innovation and creativity, on the basis of the following arguments:

1. Meaning

Creativity means bringing something into existence, whereas innovation means to bring something into use.

Creativity includes bringing some object into existence, whereas innovation includes bringing such ideas to use.

2. Creation and Ability

Creativity is creation of a new idea, whereas innovation is the ability to change this idea into some new product, new service or the new system of production.

Creativity is the ability to bring something new into existence whereas innovation is the process to do new works.”