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How to craft a powerful profile
« on: February 25, 2018, 06:14:20 PM »
How to craft a powerful profile

- Are people able to recognize your business on Twitter? Creating a powerful profile is really important in developing trust and recognition for your business. Here are three elements to having an awesome profile. One, your profile picture. Two is your bio, and the third is your header. Let's talk a bit about your profile picture. People connect with people more so than actual brands. If it does make sense for you to be in the profile picture, I highly recommend using it. Now when you do use a picture of yourself, ensure it is high quality. No cropping out other people.

No low resolution photos. You get the point. Make sure it's a professional photo and it is of high quality. In this example, Audrey Topsy is using her photo as a profile photo for her Twitter account. Here you can see that she's very friendly. You can tell who owns the account and it looks very professional. If it doesn't make sense to use your photo, a logo works fine as profile photo. Just make sure that it fits again as high resolution and is in the proper formatting. Recommended dimensions are 400x400 pixels. How you're going to edit and add your profile picture is by going to your account, selecting edit profile.

Here is where you can change your profile photo, upload one, take one et cetra. Next up your bio. So in a hundred and sixty characters, state who you are. This is definitely harder than it sounds. Use this as an opportunity to be very clear on your business and what you offer. Bios are really easy to edit so feel free to change it up regularly. See here for Topsy, note this is a fictitious brand so we do have a disclaimer in the bio, that she shares who she is and what she does. So designing cakes for my clients is my passion, very clear.

Again how you'r going to edit it, is selecting the edit profile button. Scrolling down and here is where you edit your bio. Again restricted to a hundred and sixty characters. And the third is your header. The header photo is 1500x500 pixels and this is a pretty wonky size. I would recommend getting something specifically designed by a graphic designer or leveraging your Photoshop skills for this photo. Here is Topsy's header photo as an example this cake. So this takes up a ton of real estate on your twitter profile, so you really want to make sure it looks good and is representative of your business.

Here for Topsy I would recommend a header that shares more about the business and show cases her custom cakes. Let's go over an example and take a look at three main elements on what makes this profile great. Example I'm going to use is Cake Boss Baking. They are a well known custom cake bakery. So what makes this Twitter profile great? Well here is an example of a logo being used as a profile picture. It's very clear, great quality and it definitely works. Second, let's check out that bio.

So they're very clear on the value of following this account. They even qualify it by, if you love the Cake Boss, you know what you're getting when you're reading that bio and you're looking at this account. And third, the header. I love this header; it's a great example. It prominently displays the star of the show, Buddy and remember when I said people connect to people in the profile picture? The same is true for the header, so this is really well done example. The branding is very clear and consistent and this page looks like a lot of fun. Now it's your turn.

Head over to your Twitter profile. Make sure you sign in; you go to your profile and select edit profile and take a look at those three profiles tasks. Your profile picture, your bio and your header, and this is your opportunity now to really create a memorable and effective profile on Twitter.

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