Author Topic: WHAT IS CUSTOMER SATISFACTION?  (Read 2574 times)

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A business term, is a appraisal of how goods and services supplied by a company meetup or surpass customer expectation.

In a aggressive market where companies compete for consumers, customer contentment is seen as a key differentiator and progressively has become a key element of industry strategy.

As Parasuraman, Zeithaml and Berry (Leonard L) emphasis, the significance of consumer satisfaction diminishes when a firm has greater than before bargaining power, because consumer satisfaction would be way too low, and consumers would easily have the alternative of leaving for an enhanced hotel offer.

There is a significant body of pragmatic literature that establishes the advantages of customer satisfaction for firms. Businesses need to retain existing consumers while targeting non- consumers. Measuring client satisfaction provides a sign of how flourishing the business is at providing products and/or services to the consumers.

Consumer satisfaction as described by Bluestein, Abram; M. Moriarty; R. J. Sanderson (2003) is an intangible concept and the actual sign of the state of satisfaction will vary from individual to individual and service to service. The state of satisfaction depends on some particular like both emotional and physical variables which associate with satisfaction behaviour such as return and suggest rate. The stage of satisfaction can also differ depending on other factors such as other products against which the consumer can compare the business products.

Factor's influencing consumer satisfaction:

Product/service features.

Exact products or service feature

Customer emotions

Attributions for service achievement or breakdown

Perception of impartiality or fairness

Other customers.


Individual factors

the customer's mood or emotional state

situational factors