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Textile and Garments Abbreviation
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Textile and Garments Abbreviation

Important Textile and Garments Abbreviation

Those people are involved with the textile and garment sector must need to know several things related to this sector, because knowledge makes the works easier to understand. You may find there is a common practice of using the abbreviation in a different situation by the professional when they communicate both in formal and informal communication. So as a student of textile, textile engineers or any other professionals engaged with textile and garments sectors or want to be involved with this sector are required to have an idea of most important textile and garments abbreviation.

Here I am trying to share commonly used abbreviation I found in the apparel sector:

1. AAMA-American Apparels Manufacturing Association
2. AAQC-American Apparels Quality control
3. AAMC-American Apparel Manufacturing Corporation
4. AQL-Acceptable Quality Level
5. ASQ- American Society for Quality
6. BGMEA-Bangladesh Garments Manufacture’s and Exporter’s Association
7. BKMEA-Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacture’s and Exporter’s Association
8. BTMC-Bangladesh Textile Mills Corporation
9. BTMA-Bangladesh Textile Mills Association
10. BJMC-Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation
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