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Boost a post on your Facebook page
« on: February 22, 2018, 10:55:23 PM »
Boost a post on your Facebook page

The goal of your Facebook page is to get your message in front of your customers and your page posts don't always appear in your customer's news feeds. A great way to expand your reach is by boosting a page post. This helps you reach a larger audience and that audience can be people who already like your page or anyone on Facebook. When you boost a post to your existing fans, it appears higher in their news feed, so they're more likely to see it. Let's go over how to boost a post on your Facebook page. Here I am on the Orange Valley Community Arts Association page. I'll refer to them as OVCAA.

This is a fictitious brand I'll be using for my example. The first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to select the post I wish to boost. I want to promote the Painting in the Park post and I want to ensure my fans and community members know about this event that I'm hosting. Notice the Boost Post button below the image. I'm going to select it. And a dialog box pops up where I can set up who I target, the budget and duration, and setting up the payment information for this ad.

The first step is to define my audience. This is who I want to see my boosted post. The Audience section allows you to choose or edit an audience you've already set up. But for this example, we're going to set up a New Audience and I'll select that option. I'll name this Audience, Painting in the Park, for quick reference. Next I'll set the Location. The community is in Orange County, so I'll add Los Angeles. I'm going to adjust my Age settings.

The average age of the OVCAA membership is 45 years old, so I'll set this for 40 to 55. I'll target both men and women. And a below Gender I can select Interests. This is where I can drill down on some specific interests my audience has. I'll add Painting, and here you can see Facebook generates some additional options, so I can add Visual arts. Take your time with the interests. This is going to be a really powerful way you can hone in on your audience.

Once that's set up, I'll select Save. Here you can see at the top, my audience has been created. If I scroll down, I want to take a look at the Budget and Duration section. Here I set my Total budget. With that I'll see my Estimated Reach as well. That's Facebook's estimate of how many people will see my boosted post for the amount of money I'm paying, and this is just an estimate. So for $5, Facebook estimates that between 210 and 560 people will be reached. If I select the arrow, I see a drop-down with additional amounts and Estimated Reaches right next to them.

I can also choose my own budget as well. Below that is where I set my Duration. I can have the ad run for one day, seven days, 14 or I can choose a calendar date here. When I select that, Facebook will pop-up more information on how much I'm gonna be paying and how long the ad will run. Scrolling down is where I'm going to pay for my ad. Here I can see the advertising account associated with this ad, and my payment method below. Before you boost your post, make sure you take a look of the preview added on the right.

So here you can see, this is how my boosted post is going to appear. If I click Mobile News Feed, this is how it's going to look on mobile. Now I'm okay with how this ads, I'm gonna select Boost. My boosted post has been submitted to Facebook for review. Facebook checks for things like making sure it adheres to their community guidelines and standards as well as the ad doesn't contain more than 20% of text in the image. Once it's approved, you'll receive a notification on your page and you'll be able to manage it from there. You're also able to edit the promotion by selecting this tab here and editing any information that you wish to change.

I'll go ahead and close out. Be sure to check your ad regularly to see how it's performing. And don't be afraid of pausing it before it runs out if you wish to tweak or boost it in the meantime. Boosting posts is a great way to get more eyes on your page content. I recommend allocating some marketing budget to this type of paid promotion. I'm being strategic with what, when, and why you boost a post.
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