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Social Marketing Planning
« on: July 07, 2019, 12:46:14 PM »
Social Marketing Planning

Social marketing planning requires understanding and applying the 4 P's of marketing into program planning. Social marketing is critical because it looks at the 4 P's and provision of health services from the consumer's viewpoint. The 4 P's of marketing from CDCynergy Social Marketing Edition are:

Product represents the desired behavior you are asking your audience to do, and the associated benefits, tangible objects, and/or services that support behavior change.

Price is the cost (financial, emotional, psychological, or time-related) of overcoming barriers the audience faces in making the desired behavior change.

Place is where the audience will perform the desired behavior, where they will access the program products and services, or where they are thinking about your issue.

Promotion stands for communication messages, materials, channels, and activities that will effectively reach your audience.Sometimes there is a fifth "P" – Policy. Policy encompasses the laws and regulations that influence the desired behavior, such as requiring sidewalks to make communities more walkable or prohibiting smoking in shared public spaces.