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How to Use LinkedIn To Promote Your Home Business
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How to Use LinkedIn To Promote Your Home Business

Two ways to market your home business on LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be a great way to promote your home business for several reasons including:
1. There are over 65 million business professionals from around the world on LinkedIn.
2. The average LinkedIn member has an average annual household income of $109,000.
3. One person creates a LinkedIn login every second.
4. Nearly 50% of LinkedIn members have decision-making authority for their companies.

For a home business wanting to grow through networking, referrals, and mentorship, It's easy to see why LinkedIn is the place to be.
Like other forms of Internet marketing, marketing a small or home business on LinkedIn is inexpensive (setting up a profile is free) and effective.

Getting Started with LinkedIn Marketing

To get started on LinkedIn:

1.Learn how LinkedIn works.
2.Create a LinkedIn login, if you're not already a member.
3.Create a great LinkedIn profile that focuses on how your home business can help other members of LinkedIn. Your goal is to avoid a boring ho-hum profile, and instead to create a profile that attracts people to you.
4.Unless you're a freelancer, consider creating a LinkedIn company page for your business. You'll have the opportunity to do set up a business page as you complete the resume section of your LinkedIn profile. Your company page will be automatically linked from the resume in your profile.
With these LinkedIn basics in place, you can get started on marketing yourself and your business to LinkedIn members.