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9 Traditional Marketing Techniques That Still Matter
« on: June 11, 2019, 02:05:54 PM »
9 Traditional Marketing Techniques That Still Matter

Signage: Thriving in The Digital Age
Signage materials comprise digital photos framed and lighted in the dark. Digital signage has moved on from boring walls to mobile taxis, reaching a wider audience than ever before. Adorning buildings, shop-fronts, and malls, signage is turning out to be more than old wine in a new bottle.

Billboards: Fitting The Bill
Billboards using printed or hand-painted images on canvas are still very commonly in use. From highways to hallways, billboards have come a long way. This traditional marketing mode uses less text and more images. A picture is worth a thousand words and compelling images are great for raising brand awareness. This is a marketing method most are familiar with. Larger signs will never be overlooked and billboards cannot go obsolete, given their wide reach across social classes and geographical boundaries.

Direct Mail: Moving Past Email Marketing
Direct mail is making a real comeback. Once upon a time, people would tag it as snail mail and shrink away. But now, direct mail scores on creativity, personalizing and targeting a particular audience. Direct mail is not just easier to understand, it also has a greater power to influence readers. Brand recall is way higher in research studies where direct mail was compared to other marketing methods like email. Faster response rates, more purchases and greater ease of retrieval make good old-fashioned direct mail the real deal in new-age marketing.Consider why the pen may be mightier than the sword when it comes to marketing. Direct mail in certain industries also evoke a higher response rate. For example, yellow letters work far better than bond paper-based typewritten letters in the real estate investment space. Composed by hand on the yellow legal pad, these letters are more individualized and personal. Content is incisive and essential sender information is included.

Flyers and Brochures: The Power of Hand-outs
Brick and mortar establishments, streets, or malls are just some of the places where flyers and brochures can come in handy. These are still the most widely preferred methods for special discounts and offers. Consider the value of business cards that directly introduce a business to the client. Traditional marketing that is face-to-face is way more connective and interactive.
Don’t underestimate the power of hand-outs to bring your business new growth opportunities. Direct mail and business cards also elicit emotional reactions and are more easily absorbed than words on a screen. Message mediums like these evoke strong responses and greater reach for marketers.

Face to Face Interaction: Why Reality Beats Virtual Marketing
Traditional marketing has been around for ages. People are used to it. Traditional methods from signage to networking at events, cold calls and referrals harness the power of human interaction. This really works well, to close a sale. Tangible, physical canvas, paper, and traditional marketing mediums evoke a sensation and a lasting memory. These are also easier to retrieve than logging onto a visual storefront or a digital calling card online. 

Print Ads: Harnessing Word Power
Print is not dying; it is merely evolving. Mobile penetration has only made print media more distinctive. Newspapers and magazines are visible on digital mediums and the smartphone could well be a boon for print ads. 

Telemarketing: Cold Calling Is the Right Number to Dial
Outbound and inbound telemarketing still rule the marketing industry. MarketingProfs, for instance, listed this has the most critical B2B lead generation strategy which even beats CRM systems hollow. Focus on core operations by opting for world-class call answering services. 

Event Marketing: Networking with a Difference
During the olden days, traditional copyright marketing ruled the roost; nowadays, the game is all about generating a buzz. While the power of a persuasive copy should be ignored at your own peril, traditional marketing now incorporates event marketing with a difference. Networking is the key to attracting top talent besides marketing products and services. Online marketing cannot bridge this divide.

Salespeople: The Catalyst in the Marketing Process
Though it is true that over 70 percent of the buyer’s journey is complete before salespeople come into contact with the customer, marketing is an art which requires training and experience. That is why Online Marketing Institute and such top institutions are needed to hone skills. Customer care can also play a vital role in converting prospects to solid customers or even help in client retention, courtesy cancellation teams that persuade you to stay with the brand.

Final Word
The core value a sale generates is a superlative product or service. Just as no amount of good marketing can sell a bad product, the reverse holds true as well. Marketing is an art that derives its value from traditional techniques because this is the way it has always been done.From baby boomers to Gen-X, and Gen-Y, Millennial to Swinging Sixties, traditional marketing covers a lot of ground. While digital marketing is continuing to gain ground, traditional marketing techniques remain an important secret weapon for interactive, face-to-face and skilled marketing.