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Bio Based Nanotechnology
« on: March 26, 2018, 08:36:26 PM »
Bio Based Nanotechnology

Now that you have more understanding on what exactly nanotechnology is and what it can do, this article will explain the effects that nanotechnology will someday have on the body. We will go over each category of the body in which nanotechnology will play a role and hopefully you will find some comfort in the healing capabilities of these tiny robotic machines.

Nanotechnology In the Brain
Almost everyone is effected by some type of brain malfunction. Whether it be epilepsy, strokes, alzheimers, or whatever, nanotechnology will be able to cure those types of diseases. That means that even as you get into your elderly years, you’ll still FEEL like you’re 30. It brings up the question, though: Isn’t it our individual errors that make us human?

Cell Regeneration
Nanobots are 2.5 times smaller than DNA. That means that nanobots can enter individual cells and repair them. With that concept, nanotechnology will be able to cure just about everything because it all starts in the cells. Nanotechnology will not only be able to fix bodily errors, but also be able to extend your life because of that. People are going to start living a lot longer thanks to nanotechnology and its effects on cell regeneration.

Heart Disease
About one in four Americans alone are effected by some time of heart disease within their lifetime. Ranging from valves being unhooked or irregularities in pulse, heart disease is no pleasant trip. With the help of nanotechnology, however, heart disease will be a thing of the past. Nanobots will be able to dig their way inside of the heart and rebuild it so that any problems immediately go away.


There’s many different methods of treating and curing cancer these days but soon we will have nanotechnology to aid us. Things like chemotherapy are good at destroying cancer cells but they also destroy living tissue that we want to keep (that’s why people who undergo chemotherapy are usually left weak and with no hair). What nanotechnology will be able to do, though, is target specific cancer cells and destroy them in a way that doesn’t effect the cells around it. The people with cancer today might not be blessed with this escape route, but those who are concerned about getting cancer in the future (which we all know is bound to happen at some point), they don’t have to worry anymore because nanotechnology will be able to get rid of it no matter how deep the cancer spreads.

Respiratory System
With all the millions of people in the world with some sort of respiratory problem, nanotechnology will help them all by not only warding off future infections and degredations, but also by rebuilding the lungs themselves. That means that for all the smokers out there who are concerned about problems like bronchitis and other lung infections, they won’t have to worry about it anymore. Nanotechnology is truly a wonder, don’t you think?

Nanotechnology will also help diabetics by either regulating the amount of insulin that they take in on a scheduled basis (the nanobots can be preloaded with the insulin so you don’t have to worry about taking those shots anymore) or they will simply take hold of the insulin that’s already in the blood and push it into the cells the way it’s supposed to already do. This will help diabetics not only gain their strength and health back, it will also help overweight people to lose that unwanted weight.

Many people are not capable of breeding simply because their bodies are not good hosts to a desirable environment. With the aid of nanotechnology, these little nanobots will quickly go to work at reconstructing your genitals and other reproductive features so you’ll once again be able to bear your own children. That means you don’t have to adopt children (if you don’t want to, that is) because you can now have your very own child that has your genes.

Nanotechnology will one day be able to not only cure the things that are listed above but will also be able to correct and perfect your senses in a way that you’ve never dreamed of before. You may think lasers can give you good vision now but someday, nanotechnology will be able to give you hawk’s vision. Think about standing on the top of a high mountain and looking out into the treetops below. Thanks to nanotechnology, you won’t just be able to make houses out as little dots, you’ll be able to see the birds in the trees, read street signs as if you were right next to them, you’ll pretty much be able to see whatever it is you want to see. It’s like looking at life through a telescope. The wonders don’t stop there, either. Nanotechnology will also be able to perfect hearing, smell, taste, and touch in a way that will simply astound you. Hear cats meow indoors down the road, smell an apple pie in the neighbor’s oven, taste all your foods as if you were biting into a tropical rainbow, and I’m sure that increase in touch will make sex extremely interesting. These new senses might be a bit overwhelming at first, but science is perfecting the technology in a way to slowly increase your senses over time and, as nanobots are just tiny computers, your preferred settings can be carried out so that you don’t overhear anything you don’t want to, smell the landfield a mile away, see insects in a completely scary way, feel every scratch like its a knife wound, or ruin the tasty things that you are accustomed to. New times are coming, my friends, and new senses come with it.

So there you have it. Nanotechnology will someday play a vital role in keeping the human body at its top level of performance and will eventually be so common that we won’t even think about it. Great strides in nanotechnology are coming soon and are currently in the works. The only question is: Are you ready? Have a wonderful day and I hope this article has brought some insight into your daily perspective.