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Future of Nanotechnology
« on: March 26, 2018, 08:34:13 PM »
Future of Nanotechnology

If you’ve read the other articles on this website then you now know what nanotechnology is and where it’s been but you may still be wondering “where is it headed?” Nanotechnology has a vast future ahead of it and we are constantly making breakthroughs in this industry every day. In this article, we will go over several of the most important features of nanotechnology that will impact our lives but we will also talk about what nanotechnology itself will be like in the future. Hold on tight, boys and girls, because we have a long, bumpy road ahead of us!

How will nanotechnology effect me?
Nanotechnology will play a big role on all of our lives in the very near future in everything ranging from clothes to medicine. Below are a few things that will benefit your life based on the wonderous possibilities of nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology will effect the health industry far greater than it will anything else. There will be a lot of things that nanotechnology will be able to accomplish in the health business but the main one that most people are interested in is the ability to cure cancer. That’s right, folks, nanotechnology will cure cancer. It has been discovered that when a special type of nanites are irradiated by shining xrays on them, the nanites will produce their own electrons that can be controlled in order to target specific cancer cells and destroy them without harming much of the surrounding area. This involves no radiation (other than xrays) and absolutely no chemotherapy. You will not get sick, you will not feel pain, and you will not die. Nanotechnology is the cure-all medicine that we’ve been searching for for years and it turns out that it’s not actually a “medicine” at all!

Nanotechnology will bring a whole new meaning to the word “security”. Do you have security cameras aimed at your garage but the damn vandals keep spray painting over them? Well now you can have nanocams that are too small for these hoodlums to even know they’re there. The nanocam could even be programmed to follow movement and alert the police if something (specifically, someone) gets too close. Nanotechnology will also allow us to make body armor that is a hundred times stronger than steel but light as a feather. That means that soldiers and police officers will be much safer while performing the dangerous duties that they take on in order to protect YOU. It’s amazing what simple, little computers can do.

One of the coolest nanotechnology gadgets that I’ve read into so far would probably have to be this one particular concept for food: I read about a device that would transform food in any way that you can thing of. Apparently it has nanites in the food already and then with a little handheld device you could change how the food behaves. It’s basically creating “interactive food” instead of the plain, boring food and beverages that we’ve grown accustomed to. You would be able to change what kinds of nutrients are available in the food that you eat and change the color, texture, smell, and taste of that food item. Tired of tofu but want to stay healthy? No problem! Transform your tofu burger into something that has all of the healthy benefits that you want while still tasting exactly like meat. Since when does healthy have to mean sacrifice? Savor that tofu! Did you just buy a Coke from Mcdonald’s but now you want Dr. Pepper instead? Don’t waste your money on buying another one and don’t fret about not getting what you want! Just wave the device over the Coke and it will transform into Dr. Pepper’s exact formula. Amazing, I know.

How will nanotechnology evolve?
Nanotechnology itself will evolve beyond what we can even imagine right now. Some say that one day, nanotechnology will be able to become self-replicating, in that it collects extremely small particles of metal that are as tiny as dust and engineer that metal into more nanites. The nanites would also be self-sustaining as they might be able to use excess sugar in the blood stream (that we don’t want there anyway) and use it to power their tiny fuel cells.

What kinds of precautions are there for nanotechnology?
The field of nanotechnology comes with all sorts of inherent risks but, thankfully, scientists are smart enough to put precautions in the programming to allow it to remain controllable. The first thing that you have to realize is that nanites are not intelligent. They are just like your own desktop computer or laptop. They can’t take control of your mind or force you to do anything that you don’t want to do. They are operated by a series of programming that the scientists encode into them. Each set of nanites will have a specific task to do and it will only do what they are told to do. So don’t worry, you’re not in any danger from the nanites themselves. There is a danger, however, if the nanites are hacked into by cyber terrorists. If these terrorists were to gain control of the nanites that are floating around within a person’s body, then they could tear the person apart from the inside on a molecular level. Hopefully, crime prevention will stay one step ahead of these nutjobs and keep them out of nanites and keep them out of you!

Nanotechnology stock market
You may want to seriously start thinking about investing in the nanotechnology market as soon as possible because once it hits the market, nanotechnology is going to boom. Think about where Google was just ten years ago: It had low popularity, very little resources, and no one thought it was going anywhere. The few people who did decide to invest a little bit of money in it, though, are now millionaires today. My advice would be to look up a list of companies that are specializing in different forms of nanotechnology and invest just $50-$100 in each of them if you can spare the money. In all likelyhood, many of those companies won’t take off, but some of them will. It’s those few companies that you invested just $50-$100 in that will soon make you an enormous profit.

When will it be ready
Some nanotechnologies are already on the market today. There’s a company in the United Kingdom that uses nanotechnology to track its products all the way from the distribution factory to the retail outlet so that if anyone steals a product or it goes missing, the company can then track that item down and report whoever stole it to the authorities. Other forms of nanotechnology are in the making as we speak and those companies who are involved in making them are investing loads of money because they know it will pay off. Nanotechnology is not some distant future that you, individually, will never see; it is a reality even in our present day and we get even closer to better forms of nanotechnology every day.