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10 of the coolest robots in the world

1. Milo Robot

Milo is a robot developed by American humanoid manufacturer Robokind to support children with Autism. Two-feet tall, it’s been designed specifically for parents, therapists, and educators to teach children social skills.The firm claims that children working with Milo have an engagement rate of 70-90%, compared to 3-10% with other therapy methods.

2. Ekso GT

Exoskeletons demonstrate the potential robotics has in the medical world. Ekso Bionics, a company based in Richmond, California, has been manufacturing them for over ten years, working primarily with the military.

3. Jibo

Teleportation is something we’d all love to experience – you could be in your living room one minute, and in an important meeting the next. It’s far from likely, though.But Double is the next best thing. It’s essentially a stick with motorised wheels and a screen attached to it, letting you move around spaces and attend events from the comfort of your own home.

5. Deka Robot

Bionic limbs have also emerged as an exciting area of robotic technology – aiding people who’ve been born without limbs or who’ve lost them in accidents. The DEKA Arm is just one one such example.Funded by the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in the US, it lets individuals who’ve experienced upper extremity amputations regain control of their arm and hand. The prosthetic arm is so precise that users are able to grip items such as cups and cutlery.

6. Pepper

Pepper may have been announced in 2014, but that’s not to say it’s outdated. It’s still an awesome piece of kit. What can it do, then? Well, it’s claimed to be the first ever robot that can recognise and respond to human emotion. In its head, there are two HD cameras, four microphones and a 3D sensor, which all monitor facial expressions and speech patterns.

7. LG Rolling Bot

Showcased at CES back in January, LG’s Rolling Bot could be set to revolutionise your home. Styled like the BB-8 Droid, it’s a Wi-Fi-based security bot that you can roll around your house remotely. The idea is that when you’re away – perhaps on a holiday – you have a way to check things are okay back at home.

8. Moley

Moley Robotics is the maker of the world’s first kitchen robot – set to launch in 2017. The system is a standard kitchen which includes robotic arms and humanoid hands that can stir and garnish food, replacing the cook.

9. Spot

Google-owned engineering and robotics design firm Boston Dynamics is known for its whacky inventions, and Spot is no exception. Spot is a four-legged robot designed for operations inside and outside. Electrically powered and hydraulically actuated, it sports a sensor so it can find its way around rough terrain.

10. Honda Asimo

It would be impossible to create a list about the best robotic and humanoid tech without mentioning Honda’s Asimo, which is the world’s most powerful humanoid ever created.Four feet high and weighing 54kg, the latest model of Asimo is powered by a 51.8v lithium ion and lasts for up to an hour. You can get it to undertake tasks just by giving it simple commands, plus it can speak in Japanese, Chinese, and English. Honda wants Asimo to be helping tourists in Japan by 2020.