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The 10 Hottest Bangladeshi Startups To Watch In 2018
« on: September 28, 2018, 02:48:48 PM »

The 10 Hottest Bangladeshi Startups To Watch In 2018
With over 170 million people and around 147 million mobile subscribers, Bangladesh is one of Asia’s largest marketplace. This makes Bangladesh a land of opportunity for entrepreneurs.

A good number of entrepreneurs have already started experimenting with their ideas. And the results are stunning. We have already seen $100 million valued startup here in Bangladesh. That being said, Bangladesh has a growing number of startups to watch.

Here I’ll be sharing a list of 10 Hottest Bangladesh Startups To Watch In 2018.

Note: This post was first published in 2014. After watching a documentary by Startup Dhaka, I got excited and quickly published a post on Bangladeshi Startups. After 4 years, things have changed a lot. And so the list of Startups.

1. Pathao

Pathao is the fastest growing tech startup in Bangladesh. Founded in 2015, it has already become the leading ride-sharing platform with on-demand food & parcel delivery. It also provides logistics supports to eCommerce businesses. Pathao has recently launched ride-sharing service in Nepal.

Pathao is valued over $100 million. This year, they received $10 million from GO-JEK, an Indonesian tech startup. Pathao may come up with more services in the future like GO-JEK.

2. is the largest services marketplace in Bangladesh. From AC repairing to Laundry service, has every kind of services one needs to make day to day life easier. It offers on-demand services like appliance & gadgets repair, beauty services, electrical & sanitary, home shifting and renovation, cleaning & pest control, car rental and many more. And all of these services can be found in one app – was one of the first five startups graduated from GP Accelerator Program. Now it’s valued over $10 million. It has investments form Grameenphone, GRUS, SD ASIA, Razor Capital, etc.

3. Shohoz

Shohoz is a leading online ticket booking service provider in Bangladesh. It offers bus tickets, launch tickets, events tickets, movies tickets, etc. Recently, it has started a ride-sharing service named “Shohoz Rides” in Dhaka.

Shohoz has raised $15 Million investment recently led by Singapore-based Golden Gate Ventures. It also has investment from FENOX VC, a California based venture capital company.

4. Chaldal

Chaldal is an online Grocery platform based on Dhaka, Bangladesh. It sells fruits & vegetables, meat & fish, snacks, dairy products, baby products, home appliances, and more. It has become very popular in Dhaka because of its one-hour delivery. Founded in 2013, Chaldal is already considered as the best online grocery shop in Bangladesh.

Chaldal was on the list of world’s top ten startups in 2015 selected by Y Combinator. It received investments from IFC, World Bank, and many other angel investors and venture capitalists.

5. Repto

Repto is a leading online education platform in Bangladesh. It has over 90 courses in Programming, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, English Language, Entrepreneurship, Science & Technology, and more. It’s like a Bangladeshi version of Udemy.

Repto was one of the top 5 startups graduated from GP Accelerator Program. With the financing from GP, it also has received a good amount of investment from angel investors.

6. KhaasFood

KhaasFood is a Dhaka based safe food startup that aims to build a healthy food habit in Bangladesh. Started in 2015, it has already become the ultimate destination for pure and organic foods. Currently, it sells products like honey, milk, brown sugar, fruits, meat & fish, beverage, grocery items, etc.

KhaasFood started its journey with a capital of just 2 lac and now become a million dollar company. It has raised a good investment from some angel investors.

7. Doctorola

Doctorola is the first online doctor appointment booking service platform in Bangladesh. It has more than 8000 verified doctors from 63 districts. Besides appointment booking, it also helps users to find blood donors and hospitals. It has recently introduced e-sastho to make health care services easier. Another great initiative of Doctorola is Cancer Care.

Doctorola is one of the few local startups that has raised 20 million BDT from BD Venture Ltd.

8. HungryNaki

HungryNaki is the first online food delivery service provider in Bangladesh that covers Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, and Narayanganj. With over 800 restaurants, HungryNaki makes it easier to get food delivered at home.

Started as a bootstrap company, HungryNaki has raised the first investment recently.

9. HandyMama

HandyMama is a service platform that provides services like cleaning, plumbing, electrical, home appliances, painting, pest control, pack & shift, and more. Launched in 2015, it has more than 1000 verified experienced handymen with over 30 service vendors.

HandyMama has received investment from Fenox Venture Capital.

10. CMED Health

CMED is one of the most promising health tech startups in Bangladesh. It’s a cloud-based health monitoring system for preventive health care. It offers a bunch of smart healthcare devices that include Smart Blood Pressure Monitor, Smart Glucometer, Smart Pulse Oximeter, Smart Weight Scale, Temperature Scale, etc. All of the data collected from these devices can be stored on a cloud service via a Smartphone app.

CMED Health has won the Innovation Prize at Seedstars Global in Switzerland. They will receive $50k investment from Seedstars. CMED was also one of GP Accelerator graduates in the second batch.

So these are the hottest Bangladeshi startups that are doing great.

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Now I’d like to hear from you. Which is your favorite deshi startup? Let us know in the comment.

And in the meantime, I want you to encourage to implement your ideas. Your idea may not be as big as above them. But real innovation starts off small. Start experimenting with your ideas.