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How many digital specialists are needed in a marketing team?


Afsana Ahmmed:
How many digital specialists are needed in a marketing team?[/color][/size][/b][/i]

Examples of the level of digital resourcing from Pharma marketing
The question of the types of specialist digital marketing roles businesses need in an organisation is an ongoing challenge. Although some have said that we're now in a 'post-digital era of marketing', the reality is, that although marketing generalists are needed to plan and manage campaigns and product launches and they need a certain level of digital competence, digital specialists will also be needed in large organisations. Although you can argue that some specialist digital marketing activities can and should be outsourced to agencies and consultants, you can equally argue that some digital marketing competencies are too important to be outsourced and a good level of knowledge and control based on customer and market knowledge is required in-house. Examples of digital competencies that many seek to keep in-house include the complexities of managing organic and paid search, engaging and serving through…

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