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Build your career in the garments industry


Afsana Ahmmed:
"Build your career in the garments industry"

The garments industry is one of the fastest growing industry in Bangladesh. The industry plays a vital role in the country’s economy and that is well known to all. According to BGMEA report there are 5500 export oriented garments industries listed in our country employing more than 5 million of workers and officers. And most reports say that there in fact around 3600 export oriented RMG factories employing around 4 million people. Whatever are the real numbers here in this article is all about the career opportunities in the garments industry. If you are a garment technology graduate you have lots of career paths in this industry. Once you read this article you will surely find one of your most interesting career goals. — Maeen Md. Khairul Akter

Introduction to garment industry:In brief the garments industry makes clothes and clothing related products. Products include men’s, women’s and kid’s garments including outerwear, innerwear, sleepwear, bathing suits and many other items. Even you would find garments industries making animal clothes. Other divisions of garments produce home fashion garment, home furnishing and home textiles.

Job Opportunities:
As mentioned above according to educational qualification one can choose one of the following career options. Many institutes try to ensure campus placement for their final year student. Otherwise, one can approach directly to the companies for a job. Like other industries a fresh candidate may face difficulties to get his/her first job but once he/she is placed, there is a lot of opportunities for the next jobs. One can choose from the below list according to his/her competency and interest.

Garments Production:
If you are looking to build your career as a garments production executive you must be acquainted with the garments production process. A diploma or bachelor degree in knitwear or woven-wear production can provide you the knowledge and skill to work efficiently in the industry. Garments production officers basically deal with operation processes, maintaining and improvement of standard minute values of operation, worker management and as a whole to produce the end product with the required specification.

Product Development:
Creativity, ability to work in design backgrounds and software, good idea on global fashion trend, good knowledge on materials & there properties, small scale cutting making skill and strong imagination skill will help one growing in this field




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