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How to Start a Garments Business


Afsana Ahmmed:
"How to Start a Garments Business"


Garments business is the very profitable business in the world. Bangladesh is the 2nd largest RMG exporter in the world & it will be 1st exporter in the world near future. Garments business knowledge is very important to start a garments industry. A smart entrepreneur cannot perfectly start a garments business without proper garments knowledge.Many of them become unsuccessful in this sector lack of garments knowledge. This training will help those potentials to improve ideas to boost up garments business. Garments business is holding the top rank to earn more foreign currency and any potential can be successful in this arena through proper utilization of garments business.

Benefits of the training:

After getting this training you-

1. Can understand the RMG Sector.
2. Will learn product & garments merchandising ideas.
3. Can understand how to starts up garments manufacturing business plan.
4. Can understand how to start a garments Business.
5. Can understand 30-Garments business plan.
6. Can understand activities of garments business.
7. Can understand competitive garments business in the world.


Interactive Lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, Group Discussion.
Contents of Training:

How to start a garments business & become a garments entrepreneur?
1.   History of RMG Sector in Bangladesh.
2.   Why garments business is so profitable?
3.   Contemporary situation in garments of Bangladesh?
4.   Different product ideas in Apparel sector?
5.   Merchandising knowledge in Garments sectors?
•   Costing & negation.
•   Fabric & trims
•   Buyer & Supplier Communication.
•   Store, Cutting, Production, washing, Sewing, Finishing.
•   TNA
•   Production Planning.
•   On time shipment.

6.   How to start garments business plan?
•   Select Product category.
•   Production requirement.
•   Number of Machine.
•   Types of Machine.
•   Raw Materials requirement.
•   Factory space.
•   Manpower.
•   Project Cost.
•   Internal process
•   Supplier listing.
•   Reach to Customers.

7.   How to start a garments Business?
8.   30-Garments business ideas.
•   Small factory set up.
•   Garment Industry set up.
•   Embroidery & Print factory.
•   Washing plant set up
•   Many more

9.   Activities of Garments Industry.
10.   Supply Chain in Garments Industry.
•   Raw materials.
•   Suppliers.
•   Manufacturer.
•   Distribution.
•   Buyer.
•   Consumers

11.   Production Knowledge in Garments.
12.   Commercial & Banking knowledge in garments business.
•   LC
•   Types of LC
•   Commercial documents.
•   Banking Support.

13.   Export & Import knowledge in Garments business.
14.   Garments Costing Knowledge in Apparel Sector.
•   Fabric Price
•   Garments Consumption.
•   Trims Price.
•   Washing
•   Embroidery & Print
•   CM
•   Commercial Charge.
•   Profit.
•   FOB

15.   Garments Inco-term
16.   Competitive Garments business in the World.



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