Author Topic: The European Angel Investment Summit 2023:Space  (Read 354 times)

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The European Angel Investment Summit 2023:Space
« on: October 02, 2023, 10:46:39 AM »
The European Angel Investment Summit 2023: Space

Orbify automates satellite imagery analysis, streamlining the environmental impact measurement as well as the planning & monitoring of climate-positive projects

- Effectively measure, report & verify your NbS projects with remote sensing data-based dashboards

- Efficiently leverage satellite-based data for EUDR due diligence certificates

- Seamlessly integrate geospatial data into your ESG reporting


Sternula is a new maritime satellite connectivity provider offering global AIS 2.0 connectivity. We launched our first satellite in 2023, and now we are seeking financing for another 4 satellites.

Digital communication with the ship bridge (like the cockpit of an airplane) has always been difficult, because the risk of cyber attacks prevents the use of open internet. To solve this problem, the VHF Data Exchange System (VDES) was developed by maritime authorities and industry. The technology extends mandatory AIS, and therefore we use the term "AIS 2.0". Sternula is Europe's youngest satellite operator and the world's first commercial provider of satellite-based AIS 2.0 connectivity.

Pythom Space is developing a complete human-rated space transportation system. First up is orbital rocket Eiger - a small, affordable and ultra-light launch vehicle aimed at serving the rapidly growing small satellite market.

By working in a small team and developing key technologies in-house, Pythom is able to keep down costs and work exceptionally fast. Bringing 150 kg of payload to orbit at a price of 1.2M, Eiger will dramatically lower the cost of access to space for dedicated rockets.


Devanthro is developing Robody Cares, a full-service care solution combining humanoid robotic avatars with local caregivers to allow elderlies to age at home in dignity instead in a care home.

Devanthro is a robotics and AI trailblazer tackling the global elderly care crisis. Building on 9 years of full-stack robotics R&D and three generations of humanoid robots, the company is setting a new standard for 24/7 elderly care. By augmenting human caregivers with Robodies - advanced robotic avatars - Devanthro offers a groundbreaking solution to caregiver shortages and enhances the quality of life for seniors.


Vyoma is building the operating system of space. With cameras on satellites paired with ML-supported automation services, Vyoma ensures real-time mapping of space objects and safe satellite operations. In short, Vyoma provides the critical infrastructure needed for satellite safety as our orbits get 10-100x busier in the next decade.

A young and agile company based in Germany, Vyoma combines more than a century of expertise in space surveillance with our team and advisory board, all brought together by a passion for space sustainability. Vyoma caters to satellite operators, space reinsurers, defense, and governments across the world.


Starflight Dynamics
We develop the technology to bring heavy industry to space.


The German aerospace start-up POLARIS Raumflugzeuge GmbH is developing a revolutionary reusable space launch and hypersonic transport system that operates like an aircraft.

Based on more than 30 years of German and European spaceplane research, the development of the spaceplane AURORA began at the German Aerospace Center DLR. Aurora combines aircraft and rocket launcher technologies with a unique vehicle design, and offers a game-changing economic viability as well as opening the door for routine low-cost and safe access to space.

In order to validate the technology and accelerate the spaceplane development, POLARIS has been developing a series of scaled flight demonstrators.


MEOSS provides solutions combining satellite imagery and local information for local authorities and their delegates.

Created in October 2018, our start-up is specialized in the creation of services from satellite imagery and map data. MEOSS offers operational decision-making tools for the management and enhancement of territories.