Author Topic: The European Angel Investment Summit 2023: Climate Tech  (Read 348 times)

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The European Angel Investment Summit 2023: Climate Tech
« on: October 02, 2023, 10:14:52 AM »
The European Angel Investment Summit 2023: Climate Tech

Greenaureus specialises in user-friendly, efficient, and transparent sustainable software for e-commerce and retail. Their offerings empower consumers and companies to combat climate change and prevent greenwashing with selling points, including real-time CO2 offset tracking, affordable CO2 compensation, and robust security via NFT and blockchain tech.


Hortee facilitates connections between local farmers and consumers, promoting transparency and reducing waste. This sustainable approach cuts carbon emissions, saving 2128 kg CO2eq/user yearly. Hortee offers secure online transactions, AI-driven product recognition, and complete traceability, enhancing your food experience.


Nitrogen Sensing Solutions excels in digital biosensing systems for real-time, high-sensitivity water testing of ammonium, nitrite, and nitrate. Their flagship product, NOxAqua, features disposable sensing strips and a handheld reader. Proprietary software conducts data analysis, delivering results to customers' smart devices.


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