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Investment Process / Investment & Idea
« on: July 29, 2019, 12:24:00 PM »
Investment & Idea

Andy Wu, assistant professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, is one of the World’s top 40 under 40 Professors in 2019. He is also the founding director, and investor of Identified Technologies Corporations, the leading managed commercial drone solution. Additionally, he is also investor-cum-director of Bangladeshi online-based business venture, Shohoz. On the eve of the startup's fifth founding anniversary on 19 July, Andy was in Dhaka. Talking with Dhaka Tribune’s Johura Akter, he shared his professional journey, as well as Shohoz's future business plans, and other aspects.

Why have you chosen teaching as a profession?

It is a tremendous honour to be working with probably the highest potential managers in the world, as almost 40% of the students are international. The students from different countries later go back to their homes, and execute the ideas we discuss in the classroom. Like many CEOs of different leading companies, they attend classes as students, where I get an opportunity to mentor, and provide networking resources. Later they go back to their country, and they manage their organizations using the concepts I taught them.

What do you find most inspiring about this profession?

I learn something new every time I step into the classroom, or meet with a student. I think the most inspiring thing as a professor is seeing students implementing the ideas they have learnt in classrooms.

You are working as a teacher, and an investor at the same time. How do you manage both?

Both the opportunities are interesting for me. Working as a professor, I can engage with ideas, while as an investor I can practice them.

What seems more challenging to you - teaching or investing?

As an investor I have to take decisions such as where to invest, how to get returns, and many other things; but as a professor, I do not have to ponder so much.

Why have you invested in Shohoz?

There are three reasons here - tremendous economic opportunities; the presence of a good management team consisting of experienced and capable board members, and advisors; and the business is highly technology-oriented.

What sets Shohoz apart from other startups?

What makes them unique is their ability to hire the best talent, and assign them to multiple sectors, such as online ticket booking, ride sharing, food delivery, and more.

What’s your plan for Shohoz in the coming days?

In the coming days we have to achieve exploratory growth to make a profit. For this, we have to bring more investment capital for the company, and provide some support in recruiting talents to make the company more competitive in the market.


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